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Twilio offices at night
Twilio offices at night

I am back in Seattle, writing this blog post from Agnes Underground, a new co-working spot in Capitol Hill. This is the 2nd co-working space I’ve checked-out (Office Nomads being the 1st) and I’m finding this process super valuable and quite fun. Meeting lots of interesting people.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Last week was amazing! I flew down to San Francisco on Tuesday morning to start my new job at Twilio. My plane landed at 9:33am and I actually thought I’d make it into the office by ~10am. Whoops. Huffing and puffing, I burst into the office just after 10:45am to find it… completely empty. I knew there was an all-hands company meeting going on, but it’s definitely wasn’t happened on the 3rd floor of 501 Folsom St.

After some comical escapades that involved getting locked into stairwells and “visiting” Twilio’s other neighbors in the building, I finally was routed to our new office space on the 1st floor, where I caught the tail-end of the all-hands. Just in time for Jeff to pull me in front of the company and force everyone to chant my name until it was tatooed on their cerebral cortex.

White House CTO - Aneesh Chopra
White House CTO - Aneesh Chopra

The rest of the week was pretty typical, I hear: the White House CTO dropped-in on Tuesday. Catered dinner of fried chicken and waffles on Wednesday. Epic Holiday party and karaoke bash on Thursday. I don’t think there are many companies where I would feel totally comfortable belting-out “Paraside City” on my 3rd day, but Twilio is one of them.

I'm a DOER
Are you a DOER?

So now I find myself back home in Seattle. As much as I love San Francisco, Seattle definitely feels like home. I’m still getting to know the startup community here, but there is no shortage of meetups or events to keep you busy. I’m feeling a lot of energy up here, especially regarding the shift to the cloud and the curiosity around Windows 8. Exciting times to DO something!

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Hey there. My name is Carter Rabasa and I am a husband, father of two beautiful daughters, and former Developer Evangelist and Product Manager at Twilio. I am currently on sabbatical enjoying time with my family! When we're not on the road traveling, we live in Seattle, WA.

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